How can I find Spookpictures?

The best way to find out any info about Spookpictures where abouts as soon as it’s 100% confirmed is to follow the official social- media outlets. Any other info you see or hear is 100% unconfirmed, speculation or rumour. Spookpictures can’t confirm anything until it’s official as things do change: venues like to publish possible dates before they’re confirmed, people sometimes hear possible dates and details get confused. Spookpictures will announce locations as soon as we can let you know.

I would like a one-to-one session with Spook.

Spookpictures does not currently offer any one-to-one sessions.

I want to be a willing participant / victim / collaborator / audience member for one of Spookpictures projects, how can I sign up?

The best way to find out if Spookpictures needs participants is to follow the social media outlets. It’s not often but if Spookpictures needs people, Spookpictures will request through those channels.

I’m having a test / exam / job review and I wanted Spookpictures to put me in a heightened state of learning to pass.

Spookpictures doesn’t offer any 1-2-1 services at all. It’s also considered cheating, which is allowed if you’re a wizard but not if you’re trying to pass your brain surgery practical.  If you want to find out memory techniques, there’s plenty you can find online.

I would like to become Spookpictures apprentice, writing partner, friend or arch enemy.

You’ll have to ask Spookpictures personally if you meet Spookpictures. Feel free to friend us on Facebook or message on Instagram.

Do you have any idea when..(insert ANY question here)?

No Spookpictures doesn’t – if he did he’d announce it on his social- media outlets and rings his mum and tell her. Spookpictures doesn’t hoard information, hide it or look to somehow ruin your evening by stopping anyone find out when somethings going to happen.

Where is the official Spookpictures site?
You’re on it. The site is not a direct point of contact for Spookpictures. Spookpictures will not be in a position to always answer emails or requests, given his work commitments and watch- duties.

Does Spookpictures posses god-like or psychic skills and have messianic abilities?
Watching Spookpictures may lead you to think that; however, Spookpictures fuses his knoledge, crafts and experience to appear to have god-like skills.

I want to request an interview with Spookpictures.
If you are an official newspaper, radio station or member of the press or media please use the Contact page.

When is Spookpictures coming to my country?

Spook will announce other countries in good time. 

I have a condition and I would like to be healed/fixed.
Spookpictures is not a practitioner of any healing techniques and does not claim any such abilities. You should seek the help of a health-care professional who will be able to offer you the care you need.

Can I get a signed object/photo?

Sending objects to get signed is a bad idea as they can get lost and you then lose your treasured item and Spookpictures looks like a bad organization. 

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes. The privacy policy can be found here.

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