Let's grow and explore

Updated: Apr 6

A colourful new generation of creative talent is exposed down in the artbasement.

Concept- art made to promote the 2014 and 2015 editions of the Let's Gro Festival.

More info: www.letsgro.nl

Credits: Model: Jasmine Suzanna | Bodypaint: Michel Velt | Music and animated visuals: Casper Blokzijl | Light and water technician: Jurre van der Horst | Camera operators: Tom Kalverboer and Floris Duijn | Directed by: Joachim Koops

Thanks to: ‘Theater de Machinefabriek’ for providing the filming location. And to all sweet artbasement volunteers for their mental, moral and practical support!

Listen to the full track on SoundCloud

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