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Updated: Jan 25

On this website I share some creative products that have emerged from projects in which I have been involved with over the years, in all kinds of different forms and functions. My greatest passions are (the composition of) storytelling and cinematographic filmmaking.

We can learn wise lessons from the stories we tell eachother. Mythologies, sagas, legends, historical events and philosophies tell us a lot about the world we live in today, and the hows- and whys of the current shape, status and context of our society. Translating loose ideas, underlying emotion and disjointed thoughts into concrete messaging and strategic storytelling is a great passion and a beautiful craft. Today I have over fifteen years of relevant working- experience (since 2003) for commercial partners and clients in all kinds and forms of media- production, on different scales (small to large). I have worked (sometimes as a volunteer) in both supporting functions, and in managing roles within projects in the Dutch artistic- and cultural sector, for several academic publications- and presentations, and mostly for corporate clients in small- and medium-sized businesses (in Dutch: het midden- en kleinbedrijf).

With my knowledge and experience I know my way around the different fields of media- production very well, and I am able to counsel in the development of complex trans-media storytelling- concepts, and strategies. I can manage all stages of audiovisual communication- and presentation from pre- to post- production; to final publication and financial administration. Always full of enthusiasm, all details matter-, and deadlines are sacred.

When not creating new material; I enjoy sailing (very inspirering), working on the restoration of my classic sailing- barge (build in 1908), and writing + reading novels (mostly psychological- thrillers).

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