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Updated: Apr 15

We can learn wise lessons from the stories we tell eachother; Mythologies, sagas, legends, philosophies, historical- and (expected) future events tell us a lot about the world we live in today, and the hows- and whys of the current (and future) shape, status and context of our society. Translating underlying emotion, disjointed thoughts and loose ideas into concrete and strong strategic messaging is a beautifull and powerful craft.

Today I have almost two decades of experience in the development of so called transmedia storytelling concepts for a diverse range of commercial partners and clients in all kinds and forms of fields.

I know my way around the different fields of experts in multi- mediaproduction very well, and I direct all stages of audiovisual communication- / presentation from pre- to post- production; until the spinning of the final stages of publication and financial + legal accountability. Every detail matters-, deadlines stay sacred, and (as always) full of enthusiasm for craftmanship in great storytelling!

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